Living Mountain

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Living Mountain
Living Mountain
ID: Wildlife_Rocknose_King
Map Exiled Lands
HP 1731
Armor 55
KB Defense 1500
Base XP 19980
Group Demon
Temperament Aggressive
Biomes Desert
Location Spotter's Squat
Drops Brimstone,  Crystal, Demon Blood,  King Rocknose Head, Stone
Patch added 1.0

A Living Mountain, also known as Rocknose King is a creature in Conan Exiles.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Rocknose King is a Mini Boss. It uses sluggish attacks that can be easily blocked with a shield. Do not get it confused with Rockslide.

Location[edit | edit source]

Location of the Mini Boss, Living Mountain which drops the King Rocknose Head

The Rocknose King can be found ontop of a small ledge south-west of Spotter's Squat. Alternatively, see attached location image.

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