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Light Arrow
Light Arrow
An arrow treated with a glowing substance
Type Projectile
Grade Low
Max Stack 100
Base Damage Information.png 1
Base Armor Penetration Information.png 16.2%
Base Weight Information.png 0.10
ID 53618
Specialist Ammunition I
Specialist Ammunition I
ID 53615
Level 29 Cost 3
Icon basic wood bow.png Icon woodworking bench.png Icon iron pickaxe.png
Icon arrow light.png Light Arrow
An arrow treated with a glowing substance
Crafted at Any carpenter's bench
Icon arrow ivory.png Ivory Arrow
An arrow formed from ivory
Crafted at Any carpenter's bench


The head of this arrow has been treated with a glowing substance, causing it to glow. This is useful for marking points in dark caverns and seeing how deep those bottomless wells really are.

Arrows can be equipped by dragging them over the bow in the inventory.

Dev Notes[]

Light Arrows:

Light Arrows are meant to act as a way to illuminate environments at a distance. They are not really damage tools. Perhaps this function is too niche, but we thought it would be a cool touch to add them and expand a little on the concept of “Alchemy is easy going Sorcery” (Science!). We considered other niche options too, like i.e. Whistling Arrows for signaling or Flare Arrows, but we feel that Light Arrows are a good start. Not every element of the game must have a competitive or purely functional purpose and having toys/roleplay elements is also an important aspect of a sandbox environment. We will reduce the crafting cost of Light Arrows to better reflect their impact on gameplay.

~ Weekly Community Newsletter[1]


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Carpenter's Bench, Improved Carpenter's Bench,
Trade Carpenter's Bench, Precision Carpenter's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon ironhead arrow.png Ironhead Arrow
5 Icon glowing essence.png Glowing Essence
10 Icon arrow light.png Light Arrow 10 s 1024