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Library of Esoteric Artifacts
Library of Esoteric Artifacts
Level 0 Cost 1
Icon Skull2.png Decorative Metal skull
A decorative skull
Crafted at Artisan's Worktable

Library of Esoteric Artifacts is one of the feats in Conan Exiles.


  • This category of feats can be found in the Survivalist tab, at the bottom.
  • It allows the character to craft a Icon Skull2.png Decorative Metal skull at the Icon Artisan workstation.png Artisan Table.
  • Additionally, this feat serves to categorize the recipes unlocked from Icon scrawled note.png Scrolls acquired when turning in Icon shard of knowledge.png Fragment of Power at the Archives in the Icon biomes the unnamed city.png Unnamed City.
  • Once you have learned a recipe, you will be prevented from being able to use that same type of scroll again.


At present, 33 recipes comprise this category: