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Leyshrines are temple-like altars found on the center portion of the map. There are 6 Leyshrines overall, arranged in a rough circle around The Tower at the islands center. A Surge can be summoned at an active Leyshrine, dropping high level thralls.


Leyshines are gray, triangular two-story buildings with triangular platforms on each side which are surrounded by Braziers. They are in various states of disrepair.

List of Leyshrines


  • 10 Icon hardened steel bar.png  Hardened Steel Bar must be used to craft the device to activate the shrine. A few seconds after the lever is pulled, thralls will appear on the platforms. Which faction of thralls depends on which item is crafted.
  • Shutters defend from ranged attacks, while barracades protect from melee attacks. They can be crafted in the leyshrine for 15 and 20 Eldarium respectively.



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