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Notable Loot[]

Harvestable Loot

Limited Harvestable Loot

Full Loot List

  • Icon aloe extract Aloe Extract
  • Icon aloe soup Aloe Soup
  • Icon anglerfish trophy Anglerfish Trophy
  • Icon repair kit hide Armor Repair Kit
  • Icon Hide Bat Bat Skin
  • Icon blood-sausage Blood Sausage
  • Icon bone broth Bone Broth
  • Icon bug kabob Bug Kabob
  • Icon salted feral meat Bush Jerky
  • Icon catfish trophy Catfish Trophy
  • Icon century egg Century Egg
  • Icon desert chili Chili Desert Style
  • Icon chitin Chitin
  • Icon cooked egg Cooked Eggs
  • Icon cookedGoodFish Cooked Exotic Fish
  • Icon cookedGoodShellFish Cooked Exotic Shellfish
  • Icon cookedBadFish Cooked Fish
  • Icon cooked oyster Cooked Oyster
  • Icon cooked fatty meat Cooked Pork Rinds
  • Icon delicious meat strips Cooked Pork Strips
  • Icon cookedFish Cooked Savory Fish
  • Icon cookedShellFish Cooked Savory Shellfish
  • Icon cookedBadShellFish Cooked Shellfish
  • Icon darfari bug soup Darfari Bug Soup
  • Icon dogfish trophy Dogfish Trophy
  • Icon egg surprise Egg Surprise
  • Icon improved gruel Enhanced Gruel
  • Icon savory meat stew Exquisite Stew
  • Icon Hide Panther Feline Pelt
  • Icon meat strips Fish Strips
  • Icon trophy badFish Fish Trophy (Variant A)
  • Icon trophy Fish Fish Trophy (Variant B)
  • Icon trophy goodFish Fish Trophy (Variant C)
  • Icon flavored gruel Flavored Gruel
  • Icon fur Fur
  • Icon gold coin Gold Coin
  • Icon groper trophy Grouper Trophy
  • Icon healing wraps Healing Wraps
  • Icon exotic meat stew Hearty Stew
  • Icon heavy coin purse Heavy Coin Purse
  • Icon salted exotic meat Honey Jerky
  • Icon bread Honeybread
  • Icon improved gruel Honeyed Gruel
  • Icon treasure iridescentscale Iridescent Scale
  • Icon iron axe Iron Axe (Variant B)
  • Icon exile broadsword Iron Broadsword (Variant B)
  • Icon iron mace morningstar Iron Mace (Variant B)
  • Icon long spear-1 Iron Pike (Variant B)
  • Icon gladius iron Iron Short Sword (Variant B)
  • Icon iron shield-1 Iron Targe (Variant B)
  • Icon sharp iron axe Iron War Axe (Variant B)
  • Icon warhammer Iron Warhammer (Variant B)
  • Icon trophy jaguar Jaguar Trophy
  • Icon scrawled note Language Dictionary (Lemurian)
  • Icon meat strips Meat Strips
  • Icon mixed meat mushup Meaty Mashup
  • Icon meat strip mix Mixed Meat Scraps
  • Icon moray eel trophy Moray Eel Trophy
  • Icon mushroom stew Mushroom Stew
  • Icon oyster omelette Oyster Omelette
  • Icon trophy panther Panther Trophy
  • Icon rhino head soup Rhino Head Soup
  • Icon roasted hunk-o-meat Roasted Haunch
  • Icon cooked mushroom Roasted Mushrooms
  • Icon healing basicwraps Rough Wraps
  • Icon salted savory meat Savory Jerky
  • Icon seed soup Seed Soup
  • Icon trophy junglebird green Shoebill Trophy (Variant A)
  • Icon silver coin Silver Coin
  • Icon soup Soup
  • Icon spiced feral meat Spiced and Shredded Roast
  • Icon spiced egg Spiced Egg
  • Icon spiced exotic meat Spiced Haunch
  • Icon spiced oyster Spiced Oysters
  • Icon spiced slivers Spiced Slivers
  • Icon spiced soup Spiced Soup
  • Icon spiced savory meat Spiced Steak
  • Icon driedFish Spicy Dried Fish Combo
  • Icon cimmerian battleaxe Steel Battle-Axe
  • Icon iron 2h sword Steel Greatsword
  • Icon longsword Steel Longsword
  • Icon steel mace Steel Mace (Variant B)
  • Icon poignard Steel Poniards (Variant B)
  • Icon steel tipped spear Steel Spear (Variant B)
  • Icon steel warhammer Steel Warhammer (Variant B)
  • Icon knowledge tablet2 Tablet of Derketo
  • Icon Stuffed Gorilla Taxidermied Gorilla
  • Icon Stuffed Jaguar Taxidermied Jaguar
  • Icon Stuffed Panther Taxidermied Panther
  • Icon salted exotic meat Trail Jerky
  • Icon tusks Tusks
  • Icon aloe extract weak Weak Aloe Extract
  • Icon whetstone iron bar Weapon Repair Kit
  • Icon yellow lotus soup Yellow Lotus Soup

  • Equipment[]

    The standard equipment of the NPC can also drop as loot: