Language Dictionary (Kambujan)
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Language Dictionary (Kambujan)
A thick dictionary
Type Consumable
Consumable Yes
Base Weight Information.png 0.01
ID 15130


Written in common tongue and with helpful notes, this dictionary contains enough information to read and write a foreign language. Details about how to speak it, however, is not part of this tome. Studying this dictionary will teach you how to write short notes in a new language.


When using this item the following feats are learned:


Map Image Coordinates Acquisition
Exiled Lands
Kambujan chest EL.png
TeleportPlayer 14468 167283 -6613
Map Grid: G5
In the far back of the upper area of the south side of The Summoning Place.
Isle of Siptah
Kambujan chest IS.png
TeleportPlayer -145583 -12145 -17421
Map Grid: G11

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