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Kurak's Lair is a mini-dungeon that was added to the Exiled Lands with the Age of Sorcery: Chapter 2 update on the 6th of December, 2022.

External coordinates: TeleportPlayer -8820 90150 -3840
Internal coordinates: TeleportPlayer 5920 -370790 -1800

Kurak's Lair is the hidden site where Kurak and his followers are performing an eldritch ritual.

The dungeon is accessed through a portal at Mek-kamoses's Spire, costing 30 Icon bloodcrystalstone Blood Crystals to open. The portal will be destabilized for 30 minutes after opening, preventing it from being opened again until then. Note that having UnlockAllRecipes toggled or Creative Mode enabled will prevent the option of opening the portal.

If a player is killed inside the dungeon, they may choose to respawn at the start of the dungeon instead of their bed/bedroll.


Kurak's Lair consists of a simple loop. The entrance portal leads into a chamber with a blood-filled altar, tables covered with instruments of magical research, and a small living area. There are shallow puddles of water, but it cannot be consumed. To the left is a wrapping corridor that leads into another chamber filled with toxic pools of acid. A narrow pathway passes between the pools and continues on into the large arena. After Kurak's demise, a door opens that leads back to the entrance again.


After entering the arena, Kurak will make a short speech acknowledging the player interrupting his ritual. A magical and impenetrable barrier divides the arena from the ritual until all three of Kurak's followers have been defeated.

Hissar Xul[]

Hissar Xul

The first phase of the battle involves Hissar Xul casting Creeping Darkness over the arena. Waves of spiders will then begin spawning and charge in to fight. After slaying several waves, Hissar Xul will join the fight, using Icon glove wolf black Black Claws. Upon Hissar Xul's death, all remaining spiders will also die and the fight will progress into the next phase.



After Hissar Xul is defeated, Uskuda will step forward and cast Lightning Storm. Bolts of lightning will strike the golems encircling the arena to bring them to life. When Uskuda has finished animating the golems, he will come down to fight with an Icon demon 2h maul Abyssal Maul.



With Uskuda's demise, Ufeidum will cast Call of the Dead, raising three pillars at the edges of the arena and a maze of bones separating it into corridors. Ufeidum will not enter the fight until after the three pillars have been destroyed. The pillars can be attacked with any weapon, but are most vulnerable to Icon arrow explosive Explosive Arrows, which can destroy them in a single hit.

When all three pillars are gone, the bone walls and undead will sink into the floor. A gate will then open, releasing the zombie dragon, Rilzryrin the Undying, and Ufeidum will come forward to fight with a Icon shadow scythe Scythe of Thag. Rilzryrin the Undying is extremely tough, boasting over three hundred thousand health points, but the dragon's life is tied to Ufeidum's and killing him will end the fight.



When all of his followers are dead, the barrier protecting the ritual site will open and Kurak will be vulnerable. He is afflicted with 99% corruption, only having 2 life points, and will not try to resist his execution.

When Kurak is slain, the Icon head kurak Severed Head of Kurak can be recovered from his corpse as proof of his grisly end and exchanged with one of the merchants back at Mek-kamoses's Spire for a Icon chest Grand Ophidian Magi's Cache.

Acidic Vapor will begin filling the Lair that cannot be resisted with a Sandstorm Mask or the Petrified perk, so one should quickly read the glowing stele next to the ritual site to learn Kurak's Vestments, then exit through a door on the opposite side that leads back to the portal.

Blood Moon Beast[]

If too much time passes without stopping Kurak's ritual, a Blood Moon Beast will be summoned. This monster is not intended to be fought, but rather to clear out the dungeon so it can reset before the 30-minute timer elapses. It has nearly one million life points and its massive area-of-effect attack will inflict one hundred thousand damage. If the Blood Moon Beast appears, it can insta-kill all players and followers remaining in the dungeon. Players will respawn without any penalty, but followers will be permanently lost.