Kisthis Fleshtearer
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Kisthis Fleshtearer
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Kisthis Fleshtearer converted
ID: Votaries_Fighter_4_hostile
Type Fighter
Initial Stats
Health 4752
Strength 15
Agility 3
Vitality 10
Accuracy 2
Survival 15
Bonus Vitality 627
Melee Multiplier 2.21
Accuracy Multiplier 2.2
Race Kushite
Factions Votaries of Skelos


Kisthis Fleshtearer is a named, Tier 4 Fighter NPC of the Votaries of Skelos Faction.


Kisthis Fleshtearer can be found at the following locations:


Kisthis Fleshtearer is one of the most powerful Fighter thralls in the game once his will has been broken alongside Erii the Ravager who can spawn on the same spawn points as Kisthis Fleshtearer.


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