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Khari Remnant
ID: DungeonWineCellar_Wildlife_Miniboss_1
Temperament aggressive
Biomes Desert
Location Sepermeru

The Khari Remnants are several challenging (💀) skeleton dungeon bosses found in the Wine Cellar Dungeon. There are 4 in total. Each has the chance to drop a Icon shard of knowledge.png Fragment of Power and Khari Steel.


These undead warriors are all that remains of the Khari, an ancient slave nation and the ancestors of the Stygians. Following a brutal slave rebellion, the refugee Khari settled at what is now Sepermeru and built a city. An earthquake plunged their city into the darkness of the large cave beneath the Wine Cellar and there the few survivors began to starve, lost in the dark and buried alive. In desperation, they turned away from worship of Set and began sacrificing to a demon known as Thag. However, the demon escaped his confines and slaughtered the remaining Khari. Their cursed skeletons still wander the darkened streets and attack anyone who dares enter the buried city.