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He remembered great horns of foaming ale, jacks of sparkling wine gulped carelessly or spilled on the tavern floor.
~ A Witch Shall be Born

Ale is the choice drink of fighting men, especially in taverns where the wine is sour. Served in foaming tankards from large oaken kegs, ale is usually served at room temperature and has a rich fruit flavor.

This keg has room to bear the mark of the owner.


Created from the following Recipes Information
Artisan Table, Aquilonian Artisan Table, Argossean Artisan Table, Khitan Artisan Table, Turanian Artisan Table, Nemedian Artisan Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
4 Icon ingredient plank Shaped Wood 1 Icon A02C3 vanirtavern beerbarrel battlepass Keg 5 s 160


Repairing Keg requires up to:


The Keg can be dismantled using the Icon Crafting Dismantler Dismantling Bench or the Icon crafting dismantler t2 Improved Dismantling Bench to recover the following materials: