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Suggested Levels 20-40
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The Jungle is one of the biomes in Conan Exiles. It is also referred to as the Swamp (and in some places "swungle").


The following locations can be found within the Jungle biome:

Camps Caves & Dungeons Ruins & Vistas
Camp Animal Trainer Camp
Camp Captain's Quarters
Camp Deckswab's Retreat
Camp Drifter's Rest
Camp Flotsam
Capital Forgotten City of Xel-ha
Camp Jamilla's Liberty
Camp Pagoda of Boundless Lusts
Camp Scupper's Shelter
Camp Talier's Berth
Dungeon Palace of the Witch Queen
Dungeon The Passage
Dungeon The Sunken City
Ruins A Light to Guide Them Home
Ruins Avenue of the Sun
Vista Bay of Hulks
Ruins Boulevard of the North Star
Vista Buccaneer Bay
Vista Canopy Outlook
Vista Dagon's Claw
Ruins Dagon's Embrace
Ruins Dagon's Eye
Ruins Descent of Dagon
Ruins Eastern Barracks
Vista Forkspring Hollow
Ruins Gate of the Moon
Vista Heliograph Heights
Vista Hullshatter Cove
Vista Inlet of the Hook
Vista Island of Unsightly Sirens
Ruins Lower Staging Area
Vista Messenger's Respite
Vista Mire of Eternal Dreams
Ruins Penitent's Crossing
Vista Pitfall Pass
Ruins Ruined Outpost
Vista Sand Reaper Hive (Jungle)
Ruins Sandswept Ruins
Vista Slithering Beach
Ruins The Black Garden
Ruins The Celestial Plaza
Vista The Crevice (vista)
Vista The Crossway
Ruins The Eye that Never Closes
Vista The Silkwood
Ruins Upper Staging Area
Vista Warrior's Walk
Ruins Watcher of the Passage
Vista Wreck of the Martyr
Vista Wreck of the Wagtail
Vista Xalthar's Crossing
Ruins Xel-ha Docks


The following creatures can be found in the Jungle Biome: