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Isscar the Sellsword is a special trader from The Purge in Conan Exiles.


This vendor can be rescued at the end of The Purge when applicable, using a Commander's Key. Once freed, you can then interact with it to either talk to it, or see what it has to trade. Most of his items are related to either siege, purge base defense, or healing items.

Once freed, you can also interact with the Zamorian Barkeeper to summon him at your base for a fee.

The following are the items sold by the trader:



I am a dangerous man when free. Surely you have use of me.

Left Behind[]

You wretch! You cur! May scorpions hatch from your nethers! No-no-no. I am sorry. Come back. Come back!
Come back here or I'll slit your filthy throat! (thinks better of it)Set me free, and I'll introduce you to mercenaries willing to slit any throats you choose!


(laughter) I breathe the free air, and you will learn how great my gratitude can be!
I am in your debt. I can be quite handy in helping you hire good sword arms, yes, haha. I know the right rough-and-tumble folk.
Serpents and stars. I am free!


Ah... It's you.
Ah, greetings.
(gruff grunt of acknowledgement)
Serpents and stars... what do you want?


What's more, I can see you war supplies -- food, siege equipment, and the like -- all at discount I wouldn't offer my own brother. He's a drunk and a fiend...but that is another story.
What can I do for you in turn? I can sell you a banner under which my mercenaries will unite to defend you and yours.
Serpents and stars! Freedom and a good blade are the only things I hold sacred. You've won my favor if not my friendship.
I'm as grizzled as they come. I've god a long history, written in blood, helping kings and princes win their little wars.
I was once a member of Zarallo's Free Companions. Heard of them? Of course you have!
But eventually, I struck out on my own. Gathered my closest siblings in slaughter under my own flag. We slinked away in the night. For greater glory! Haven't found it yet... but it's the journey. Ha!