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'My scouts had some trouble in approaching his columns, for his outriders have eyes like hawks; but they did get close enough to see the engines he is dragging on ox-cart wheels drawn by camels
~ catapults, rams, ballistas, mangonels - by Ishtar!'</>

Sometimes the proper tool for destruction is a giant ball of stone flung through the air from a trebuchet. Sometimes the proper tool for destruction is a bolt powerful enough to split a man in two. A ballista can do both. While the stones it fires aren't as large or powerful as the stone boulders flung from a trebuchet, it is much more accurate, allowing you to target the specific door or wall to destroy. Their bolts, on the other hand, provide reliable defense against intruders or an avatar summoned by enemies. Their weakness is their immobility, they cannot be easily moved once placed and finding the correct range and angle requires time and patience. With repeated use, it is almost certain that some or all of the pieces of the trebuchet will degrade and need to be replaced.


Created from the following Recipes Information
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
15 Icon iron bar Iron Bar
35 Icon wood-1 Wood
1 Icon ballista bolt iron Iron Ballista Bolt 10 s 1460

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Repairing Iron Ballista Bolt requires up to: