Improved Blacksmith's Bench

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Improved Blacksmith's Bench
Improved Blacksmith's Bench
A bench covered in tools for shaping metal
Type BuildingItem
Health 60000
Max Stack 100
Container Size 40
Base Weight Information.png 10.00
ID 89302
Master Blacksmith
Master Blacksmith
Level 30 Cost 11
Icon furnace.png Icon steel pickaxe.png Icon Blank.png
Icon improved furnace.png Improved Furnace
A furnace for smelting metals and stone
Hand crafted
Icon improved blacksmiths bench.png Improved Blacksmith's Bench
A bench covered in tools for shaping metal
Hand crafted


That is to say, they had learned to work crudely in copper and tin, which were found scantily in their country, and for which latter metal they raided into the mountains of Zingara, or traded hides, whale's teeth, walrus tusks and such few things as savages have to trade.
~ - The Hyborian Age

Smithing is a well-known and oft-used profession in the Hyborian kingdoms. In the larger cities and towns, smiths are forced to join guilds that offer them a certain amount of political protection, while enforcing a rigorous set of standards of work and tools.

This bench contains many of the tools that smiths need, but in the Exiled Lands, there are no standards to be enforced.


See also Icon metalworking bench.png Blacksmith's Bench.


Created from the following Recipes
Hand crafted
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
100 Icon ingredient brick.png Brick
100 Icon ingredient iron reinforcement.png Iron Reinforcement
1 Icon improved blacksmiths bench.png Improved Blacksmith's Bench 1 min 6400

Thrall(s) Used



Recipes: Tier 4
Outcoming item Ingredients Craft time Experience
1 Epic icon atlantean 2h sword.png Conan's Atlantean Sword (Epic) 30 Icon starmetal bar.png Star Metal Bar
1 Icon handle short.png Weapon Handle
1 min 0


Repairing Improved Blacksmith's Bench requires up to: