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Ignasi Miró Sastre
Ignasi Miró Sastre
Real name Ignasi Miró Sastre
Occupation Community Support
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Ignasi Miró Sastre is a Funcom employee.

  • Favorite (RTS) games:[1] Tzar, AOE 2, C&C Tiberian Sun, Empire Earth and Rise of Nations.
    • He always played the turtling strategy.


I am Ignasi, born in Spain where I lived pretty much all my life, then moved for a while to Manchester, and finally settled in Norway. I’m also from the Gameboy generation, and I’ve been the Community Support at Funcom for 5 months now. This has been my first job in the videogame industry after a few years in academics, although I’ve always been messing around videogames and involved in one way or another, either playing them, creating content, being a GM for an online game and so on… Long story ahead!

A dusty Master System was my first taste of pixel glory, and shortly after I got my very own Gameboy with its glorious Tetris bundle. Even since then I’ve been jumping from Nintendo generation to another until around the turn of the millennium, when I finally got my own PC and I found my favorite genre: shooters!

Although Unreal Tournament and Quake3 held my attention for a good while, it was Half Life the game that monopolized my gaming time for 5 years, jumping from mod to mod. I was particularly fond of Counter Strike (well of course) and more importantly, Day of Defeat. I spent a good chunk of my awkward teen years modding DoD to my liking, altering bot behaviour for Sturmbot and creating waypoints for maps that were unsupported and sharing them on Gamespy. Some of that knowledge I also translated to Medal of Honor Allied Assault and some of its mods, for which I adapted its most popular bot system for new maps and modes… and that was while I was on PC. Then was also when I enjoyed my most fond splitscreen memories, with games such as Phantasy Star Online EP1&2, Gladius and SSB Melee (while also going back to Goldeneye and Perfect Dark from time to time).

After that, I went jumping from game to game on PC and consoles, with favorite games such as OpFlashpoint, Rainbow Six Vegas 1&2, Red Orchestra 1&2, Mount and Blade capitalising my time in between releases of perhaps my favorite franchise, Mass Effect. Nowadays, I’m mostly playing either Conan Exiles or BattlefieldV (both on PS4 and PC).

Besides gaming, I am also big into boardgames and cinema.