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Like a whisper at the back of his consciousness rose the vague memory of the name of an ancient god of darkness and primordial fear, to whom once both men and beasts bowed and whose children -- men whispered -- still lurked in the dark corners of the world.
~ Beyond the Black River

A method to summon a fierce hunter loyal to Jhebbal Sag. Branded in a display of loyalty, this savage hunter will bite and claw your foes until their dying breath.


Preferred Food Strength Agility Vitality Grit Nutrition
Icon perfect cut of meat Exquisite Meat +7% +7% 1 health/sec
Icon fatty meat Raw Pork +14% 1 health/sec
Icon raw stringy meat Feral Flesh +14% 2 health/sec
Icon human flesh Human Flesh 3 health/sec
Icon raw tough meat Exotic Flesh 4 health/sec
Icon tainted flesh Abysmal Flesh +14% 6 health/sec
Icon pet food Shadespiced Fatty Meat +7% 7 health/sec
Icon blood-sausage Blood Sausage +7% 8 health/sec
Icon cooked fatty meat Cooked Pork Rinds +3% +3% 9 health/sec
Icon delicious meat strips Cooked Pork Strips +7% +3% +3% 10 health/sec

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