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Hunger is a survival mechanic in Conan Exiles.

It is indicated by a green meter under the health bar depicting a steak symbol.


At default settings, the hunger meter will drop by 1 every 18 seconds. While on claimed land, each tick takes ten times longer. While suffering from temperature debuffs, this is reduced by 50%, but can be countered by the Expertise perk, Survivalist.

A character will receive three warning messages prior to starvation:

  • 24 — Your stomach hurts...
  • 9 — You begin to feel weak with hunger...
  • 1 — You must eat soon

At 0, the player will suffer the Starving debuff, losing 7 health every 10 seconds.


Hunger can be removed by consuming Food.

When filled to 100, the character will receive a ten-minute bonus, indicated by a green outline around the border of the meter, where the meter will stay at 100 and they will receive a 5% bonus to their maximum health.

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