How to get Obsidian

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How to get Obsidian
How to get Obsidian
Levels: 30+
Author: SneakyJesus1
See also: Obsidian.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Do you want to get/find Obsidian? Then you have come to the right place!

To start out you will need determination and time in order to get the Star Metal feat to learn from the tablet (unlocked at level 55).

In saying this, some levels would help you in your quest to Obsidian.

Basic requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Level required: 55
  • At least tier 2 in Vitality attribute known as "Impervious"
  • Heat reduction armor.
  • Food for healing, preferably steak and above.
  • 2 water skins to be on the safe side
  • Pickaxe, any. The higher the tier, the better.

Specific strategies[edit | edit source]

How do all these requirements fit in?

Well, to learn the recipe there is actually no level requirement, so you can access the Obsidian tier basically as soon as you learn it.

These areas which you will have to venture into all have different climates. Now, the temperatures range from Frostbite to Heatstroke which is basically the entire temperature spectrum of the game. Once you hit these temperatures you will be de-buffed with a hefty damage over time (DOT) from either Frostbite or Heatstroke. Applying "Impervious" causes temperature effects to be reduced significantly which will help you survive longer. So, instead of taking 10 seconds to die, now you will take several minutes (which is plenty of time).

To help you survive these temperatures you will need to acquire some heat reduction armor. I feel the easiest armor to get for this is simply the Darfari set. Although you will need to traverse through Frostbite, the food you have will be enough to heal through this and obtaining cold reduction armor is not necessary.

Food for the trip: Make sure you get at least 100 steaks or roasted haunch for this endeavor as you will be constantly taking DOT which will need to be healed! Since release they have changed how regenerative stats work and it is canceled every time you take damage, so unfortunately you will need to devour a lot of food!

The two water skins are for the trip as you will be diminishing your water as you sprint and it exponential worsens as your temperature hits Heat stroke. You can mine Obsidian nodes with a stone pickaxe but it is better if you have a higher tier pickaxe preferably Hardened Steel.

Part 1[edit | edit source]

Try to level up and gain levels for attributes to place into vitality to get the "Impervious" buff.

While doing this, gather the resources to make 2 water skins and the 100 steaks or roasted haunch that will be used on the journey. Food can be gathered from a range of animals, which can then be cooked in the simple campfire or the large campfire. Haunch is obtained from scorpions, rhinos and elephants. I would recommend killing scorpions, as these are the easiest to kill. A nice amount spawn just north west of the forbidden area (The Unnamed City).


Part 2[edit | edit source]

Now you will need to get armor to survive Heatstroke. A nice, easy-to-get armor is the Darfari set.

Set Requirements: Level 20, 5 points, Iron tools, First tier armor and a armorers bench to craft it at.


As I mentioned above, it's not overly necessary to obtain cold resistant armor as you can survive running the short distance through Frostbite, given you have the "Impervious" attribute.

We are finally able to embark on the journey to the dreaded recipe room. So for this we are going to take a hidden shortcut into the portal room that we must enter. To get to this hidden shortcut we need to get to Dragonmouth cave. You will notice that the cave is in the north where there are areas with extremely low temperatures. Do not wear your Darfari armor until you enter the volcano as the Darfari armor will increase the cold temperature giving you even more of a de-buff! Do not be scared of Frostbite, because your Impervious attribute will keep you alive. Do not forget to eat food as necessary (usually this is non-stop).


Once entering this cave follow it all the way through into the volcano. Now you will want to put on your Darfari set. This will give you that little bit extra resistance to the heat that is blaring down upon you.

Now that you have entered the volcano follow the path into the temple with the beam of light soaring up through the center of it. Once you have entered this temple jump into the portal! Now that you have entered the new realm, you will want to go out to the left and follow the path around. You will need to jump across several lava gaps along the way. When you arrive at a courtyard with lava pits, keep heading straight across the courtyard and through the doors at the other end. Continue following the path till you get to the "boss" room, its entrance being two pillars with purple flames on top. Enter the boss room ignoring the purple guys and the boss, head to the back of the room and there will be a "recipe stone" where you can learn the recipes from. Now that you have got these recipes, facing back towards the entrance of the boss room you will want to exit to the left. Again follow this path up and around you will find yourself crossing a broken bridge - just drop down and continue across the bridge (Bote, be careful as the fall damage is just over a quarter of your health). Once you have crossed the bridge it will take you by the furnace which you can use later if you are keen for Obsidian weapons. Now you should see the entrance of the portal that you came through, jump back into the portal and retrace your steps back to the entrance of the Dragonmouth cave.

Part 3[edit | edit source]

Now for the actual resources needed to craft Obsidian.

You will need:

  • Shaped Wood
  • Steel Reinforcement
  • Alchemical Base

To make these items:

  • Wood -> Carpenter's Bench -> Shaped Wood
  • Iron + Steel Fire -> Furnace -> Steel
  • Steel -> Blacksmith's Bench -> Steel Reinforcement
  • Gold/Silver -> Furnace -> Bars -> Grinder -> Gold/Silver Dust
  • Unappetizing Fish -> Campfire -> Ichor
  • Gold + Silver Dust + Ichor -> Cauldron -> Alchemical Base
  • Shaped Wood + Steel Reinforcement + Alchemical Base + Obsidian -> Blacksmith's Bench -> Obsidian Tools

How to obtain resources:

Gold and Obsidian can be mined from Obsidian nodes on the side of the volcano or inside the volcano. I find the safest/easiest way to mine these is the area located just north east of the Black Keep.


Once you get to this area there is a road that you can follow up the volcano side that will have Obsidian nodes along the way as you get higher into the volcano there is more nodes to mine from.

Silver can be mined from Silver nodes located just south of Supermeru.


To obtain Unappetizing Fish just create Fish Traps and lay them in the water I would recommend at least 30 fishing traps to speed up the process as this is the part that takes the longest.

Once you have obtained all the resources and crafted them into their final form (refer to "To make these items"), you can place them all in the Blacksmith's Bench and create Obsidian tools!