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How to close a map room
How to close a map room
Levels: 15+
Author: SirBowen
See also: Guide, Map Room.


A lot of people ask how to close a Map Room at the top and if this is possible at all?
After the first failed attempts many give up, because you cannot build pillars to support the roof directly into the map room.
But this guide will show you how to do it and also explain why.
Once you have understood the static/stability of Conan Exiles, it is not even hard, if you know how to.

Basic requirements[]

Step by step instruction[]

Step 1 (The Blueprint)[]

  • We are starting off with a blueprint like this.
    • For a better overview the square foundations are made of black ice and the wedge foundations are in aquilonian style.

How to close a map room 01.jpg

Step 2 (The Middle)[]

  • We aim in the middle while we have the map room ready to hand in the quick bar.
    • This step is easier, when we are in an elevated position.

How to close a map room 02.jpg

Step 3 (The Placement)[]

  • The next step will be the hardest to do, because we have to place the map room in a specific way.
  • If you look closely, you will recognize, the map room has two different edges. One edge with two parts and one thick edge.
  • The edge with two parts has to be on the right wedge foundations as shown, this is important to place the pillars later.

How to close a map room 03.jpg

Step 4 (Placing Pillars)[]

  • If you placed the map room right, you can now place the pillars on the left wedge foundations.
    • If you can not place all pillars, then replace the map room and try it again.

How to close a map room 04.jpg

Step 5 (The Walls)[]

  • Now that you have gotten the hardest part done, you can set your outer walls, frames or doorframes as you wish.
    • A minimum height of two is mandatory.

How to close a map room 05.jpg

Step 6 (The Wedge Ceilings)[]

  • Now we place our wedge ceilings at the same place we did with our wedge foundations on the ground.

How to close a map room 06.jpg

Step 7 (The Square Ceilings)[]

  • The same goes for our first row of square ceilings. Directly over the square foundations on the ground.

How to close a map room 07.jpg

Step 8 (The Static/Stability)[]

  • Now comes the part, where almost everybody fails and that is why we are doing a short sidestep here.
  • The static/stability in the game allows us to build four pieces away from a pillar,foundation or wall.

How to close a map room 08.jpg

Step 9 (Placing the Roof)[]

  • With that in mind, we have to use the pillars to get the stability in the middle with only four pieces.
  • First i will show you how it is done right.
  • Just use square foundations to reach the middle with fewer pieces as possible.

How to close a map room 09.jpg

Step 10 (Reached the Middle)[]

  • Now you can already see that we reached the middle and could place our wedge ceilings. Mission accomplished !

How to close a map room 10.jpg

Step 11 (Filling the Gaps)[]

  • Filling the gaps with wedge ceilings is actually only a minor matter.

How to close a map room 11.jpg

Step 12 (Mission accomplished)[]

  • In this way we have kept our target of a maximum of four pieces to reach the middle.

How to close a map room 12.jpg

Step 13 (Why most fail)[]

  • And here is how most people do it and how it will not work.
  • The stability of the pillar doesn’t reach the middle if you do it like this.

How to close a map room 13.jpg