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A Horse is a pet and mount in Conan Exiles.

ID: Horse_Knight, Horse_Knight_v2, Horse_Knight_v3, Horse_Knight_v4
Perk Type Mounts
Inventory Slots 10
Mount Yes
Base Stats
Health 1,073
Armor 53
Damage Threshold 10%
Vitality 1
Health Bonus 218
Survival 1
Buff Time Reduction 2


The women were traveling slowly, on foot and on the overloaded horses. The swift-footed Picts would run them down within a mile, unless - he took his position behind a tangle of fallen logs beside the trail. The road west of him was lighted by the burning cabin, and when the Picts came he saw them first - black furtive figures etched against the distant glare.
~ Beyond the Black River

A properly bred horse can mean the difference between life and death. In the Exiled Lands, horses can be used as pack animals, mounts for combat, or for quickly traversing the dangers of the harsh lands.


  • To allow this Pet to become a Mount, the player will need to equip their horse with a Saddle. Various saddles will each have different effects on your horse's acceleration, speed, defense, and maneuverability.
  • The saddle will be placed in the separate armor slot of the horse's inventory. A horse will otherwise act like any other placed pet when a saddle is not equipped.
  • No matter which saddle is chosen, a horse's trotting and galloping speeds are significantly faster than a player character's on foot. Horses also have more stamina than the player. When horses run out of stamina, however, the player may be thrown off.
  • When placing an adult horse in the world for the first time, its appearance will be 1 of 4 random variants:
  • Additionally, 2 variants can be selected by combining Icon poitain pet food.png Tainted Fodder with one of the above horses prior to placement as part of the Riders of Hyboria DLC:


Created from the following Recipes
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon plant fiber-1.png Plant Fiber
1 Icon Foal.png Foal (Pet)
1 Horse 8 h 4


Once your horse has been placed in the world, it can gain experience by following the player in a number of ways:

  • Passively, simply while riding around the map with the player.
  • During mounted combat.
  • Following the player on foot while enemies are killed.

The horse will benefit from any kills made by the player or other followers, whether riding or dismounted.

As with all pets, the horse will not gain experience when not following the player (i.e. while scouting or guarding).


Shoot your enemies from afar with a bow and gallop away before they know what’s going on. Grab a sword, axe or mace and swing away from the comfort of your steed. Equip a pike or a spear and attack your enemies by stabbing at them or equip a lance and tear through your opponent’s defenses with a mighty charge.[5]

  • Another player may be able to forcibly dismount a player from their horse.
  • If a player on foot begins battling another enemy while a horse is a follower, the horse may attempt to aid the player and can take damage from both the enemy and the player.


  • Feeding a horse certain foods will give them an increased chance to specific attributes when they gain a level.
  • Only the first food eaten after a level up will affect the attribute percentage chances.
  • The horse's foods of choice will all also increase its strength by 3.


  • Food may also be used to heal a horse when it takes damage and will automatically be consumed as needed if in their inventory.

Preferred Food Strength Agility Vitality Accuracy Survival Nutrition
Icon berries highlands.png Highland Berries +7% +3% +3% 1 health/sec
Icon bark-1.png Bark +14% 1 health/sec
Icon vines.png Vines +14% 2 health/sec
Icon seeds.png Seeds +14% 3 health/sec
Icon berries desert.png Desert Berries +14% 4 health/sec
Icon dye ingredient grey-flower lupine.png Grey-flower Lupine +14% 6 health/sec
Icon pet food.png Shadespiced Highland Berries +3% +7% +3% 7 health/sec
Icon Hops.png Hops +7% +7% 8 health/sec
Icon Leavening.png Leavening Agent +3% +3% +7% 9 health/sec
Icon Magenta Flower.png Asura's Glory +7% +3% +3% 10 health/sec


  • The player cannot enter dungeons while mounted, nor interact with storage containers, crafting equipment or other followers.
  • The player can have both a horse and another follower at the same time.
  • Currently, the type of foal captured (regular, sturdy, or swift) has no bearing on the type of horse produced.
  • All foals display the same Dunn color pattern, this is not indicative of the mature color. All horses when "crafting" will display the same icon, this is also not indicative of the mature color.
  • If the player is over encumbered while riding their horse, the horse will also be over encumbered and will not be able to function at full capacity. If the player is able to instead place some items in the horse's inventory until they are no longer encumbered, then the horse will function normally.
  • Placed horses cannot be stolen.
  • For available perks, see Follower Perks.



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