Henwas Blacknails

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Henwas Blacknails
Henwas Blacknails Henwas Blacknails converted
ID: FinnbarofCimmeria
Type Smelter
Use at Furnace
Improved Furnace
Improved Furnace (Kiln)
Heat-Efficient Furnace
Fuel-Efficient Furnace
Artisan Table
Khitan Artisan Table
Aquilonian Artisan Table
Turanian Artisan Table
Argossean Artisan Table
Increased crafting speed +150%
Initial Stats
Race Cimmerian
Factions Forgotten Tribe
Location Purge Type: A clan of Cimmerian beast-tamers
Purge Type: The Forgotten Clan


Henwas Blacknails is a named, Tier 4 Smelter NPC of the Forgotten Tribe Faction.


Henwas Blacknails can be found at the following locations:


  • Henwas Blacknails can be spawned in solo by searching for FinnbarofCimmeria, as noted above. This denotes an error in the gamefiles and will be corrected at some point.