Healing Waterskin

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Healing Waterskin
Healing Waterskin
A sealed leather skin for storing water
Type Consumable
Grade Legendary
Thirst quenched 15
Base Weight 0.00
ID 24116

Description[edit | edit source]

Let him wait until we get to camp. It's only ten miles. If he's fit to live in the desert he'll live that long without a drink.
~ A Witch Shall be Born

Pitch has been used to seal this waterskin, slowing the inevitable leaks and keeping the water level stable. The addition of pitch, however, adds a nasty sulphurous aftertaste to the water.

To combat this aftertaste, aloe leaves have been sown into the lining of the waterskin, reducing the nasty aftertaste and adding a minor healing property to the water.