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Hat'She the Mad
Hat'She the Mad
ID: Relic_Hunter_Treasure_Seeker_Boss6
HP 1120
Temperament Aggressive
Location(s) The Unnamed City


These elite Fighters of the Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers lead and guard a small camp in the Unnamed City. Wearing relics of an old armor they scavenged, these brutal, towering "heroes" cut down anyone who wants to share in their treasures. Their appearance differs from time to time, making the odd adventurer wonder if they are as cursed as the ruins they seek glory and wealth in.


Hat'She the Mad can be found at the following locations:


These Mini-bosses cannot be knocked unconscious or converted. They drop Icon human heart.png Heart of a Hero and can drop Epic icon whetstone hardened steel bar.png Legendary Weapon Repair Kit.