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Taken from a creature that was out of place in this reality, this object defies simple description. It seems to struggle against classification, an unstable form that ripples against the very fabric of time and space.

If the storm could be captured, distilled and forced into a shape, this is what it might look like. This sample is particularly large - holding it sends the mind shuddering back from endless gulfs that threaten to swallow reality.



Greater ???? are dropped from Siege Elder Thing world bosses in the Isle of Siptah Maelstrom, such as Lloigor.


On the Isle of Siptah, Greater ????s can be used in one the three active Leyshrines, the Leyshrine of the Serpent, the Leyshrine of the Drowned, or the Leyshrine of the Demon. They can be added to the Focus Altar on the second floor to add 50 Swirling Chaos to the next Summoned Surge.