Globe of Yezud

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Globe of Yezud
Globe of Yezud
A polished ball of black jade
Type Weapon
Grade Mid
Weapon Type OneHanded Orb
Max Stack 25
Base Damage 30
Base Weight 1.75
ID 53504
Nest of Zath
Nest of Zath
Level 1 Cost 50
Icon zath altar T1.png Nest of Zath
A crude altar to Zath
Hand crafted
Icon zath skinning dagger.png Zathite Ritual Dagger
A venom-tipped dagger used in Zathite rituals
Crafted at Nest of Zath
Icon globeofyezud.png Globe of Yezud
A polished ball of black jade
Crafted at Nest of Zath
Icon religion token.png Offer
A spiritual residue left on religious altars
Crafted at Nest of Zath

Description[edit | edit source]

For minutes the scene held motionless; then the man on the ledge drew a cryptic symbol in the dust on the rock with his forefinger. The Wazuli did not see him place anything within the compass of that emblem, but presently something gleamed there - a round, shiny black ball that looked like polished jade..
~ The People of the Black Circle

The Globe of Yezud is spoken of in whispers by those who have witnessed its foul sorcery first- hand. It is said that when cast, the globe of Yezud will transform after a few moments, becoming a black spider of horrid aspect with venom-dipped fangs that can kill a man with a single bite.

It has been used in the secret assassinations of kings, the dark schemes of sorcerers and the religious ceremonies of Zath himself. There is speculation that the small black stones are the eggs of Zath - which is additionally confusing because Zath is always referred to as a male.

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repairing Globe of Yezud requires up to: