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The Giant-kings are the ancient civilization who dwelt in the dark Exiled Lands, where Conan Exiles takes place, before the ancestors of the Stygians - the Khari Remnants came. [1]

The Unnamed City is the capital and the heart of their empire, where the triumvirate rules. [2]

They were led by the triumvirate and worshipped the god Set, the old serpent, while sacrificing slaves to him constantly in the Citadel of the Triumvirate so that the scent of sacrifices will bring glory and victory to their people. [3]

Notable NPCs[]

The Triumvirate[]

The Archivist[]

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  • The Archivist concerned himself primarily with the collection of knowledge. [4]
  • Together with the Warmaker, he established a series of watch towers to warn his race about the coming of humans. [4]
  • He can be found as a ghost who still resides in the Archives area of the Unnamed City. [5]
  • He will teach you the religion Cartographer if you talk to him, which enables you to craft a Map Room. [5]
  • The Archivist died in the Circle of Swords, where he went in good faith to meet the Witch Queen and was ultimately betrayed. [5]

The Priestking[]

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The Warmaker Klael (Klæl)[]

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  • Klael was called the Warmaker by his people, for it was his duty to keep them safe. [4]
  • He is the last living member of the race of Giant-kings. [4]
  • Together with the Archivist, he established a series of watch towers to warn his people about the coming of humans. [4]
  • The Warmaker Klael ordered the sealing of all borders during the war, including the destruction of a sprawling bridge. [8]
  • He declared that the humans were considered enemies of the triumvirate and all contact between the city-states be severed. Anyone who was caught consorting with the enemy would be summarily executed. [9]
  • The Warmaker closed the Arena during the war and ordered his slaves, who normally fought there as gladiators for the triumvirate's amusement or were sacrificed to Set, back into the Unnamed City. [10]
  • By destroying the Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone) in the right moment, he unleashed a mystical sandstorm upon their enemies. It seemed to work, but Klael hadn't reckoned with the power of the human spirit held in Petruso. [5] [7] [4]

Tyros the Deathbringer[]

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  • It seems that the Priestking was the father of Tyros the Deathbringer. [1]
  • Tales persist of Tyros the Deathbringer was born of both races, both bloodlines intermingled. [5]
  • In the Arena, he fought and killed a dragon single-handedly, becoming the champion of the Giant-kings arena. [11] [12]
  • He wept after defeating such a noble creature and placed the Star of the Champion upon its brow, where it still remains. [5] [12]
  • Tyros turned against his father at some point during the war between the Lemurians and the Giant-kings. [1]
  • His father cursed him and all of his loyal warriors, to live forever as a Silent Legion brooding in the ruins of the north. [1]


Giving the resemblance between the black ruins spread across the Exile Lands and the design of the Acheronian ruins in Age of Conan, one could consider the Giants-Kings to be the same people as AoC's Acheronians (or Acheronian ancestors).