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This horn seems as if it came from a distant land. No naturally born creature left this rigid weapon behind. Strangely, someone modified it into a musical instrument, able to play an otherworldly sound.


Preferred Food Strength Agility Vitality Grit Nutrition
Icon perfect cut of meat Exquisite Meat +7% +7% 1 health/sec
Icon fatty meat Raw Pork +14% 1 health/sec
Icon raw stringy meat Feral Flesh +14% 2 health/sec
Icon human flesh Human Flesh 3 health/sec
Icon raw tough meat Exotic Flesh 4 health/sec
Icon tainted flesh Abysmal Flesh +14% 6 health/sec
Icon pet food Shadespiced Fatty Meat +7% 7 health/sec
Icon blood-sausage Blood Sausage +7% 8 health/sec
Icon cooked fatty meat Cooked Pork Rinds +3% +3% 9 health/sec
Icon delicious meat strips Cooked Pork Strips +7% +3% +3% 10 health/sec

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