Gauntlets of Sobek

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Gauntlets of Sobek
Gauntlets of Sobek
Gauntlets made of thick reptile leather
Type Armor
Base Bonus +2 Vitality
Grade Legendary
Armor Type Medium
Base Armor 46
Base Heat Isolation Information.png 2
Base Cold Isolation Information.png 2
Base Durability 2700
Base Weight 7.44
ID 92011

Description[edit | edit source]

He plunged through the undergrowth, hip-deep in the marshes; dived headlong into the deep water, heedless of sharks or crocodiles, and swam to the galley and was clambering up the chain on to the deck, dripping and exultant, before the watch saw him.
~ The hour of the Dragon

Only the chosen of Sobek are allowed to wear this armor. The scales themselves are thicker than regular crocodile scales, and it has been further reinforced by star metal plates. As a result, the armor is much heavier than normal medium armor but offers additional protection.

This armor does not grant any bonus to heat or cold-protection.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Can be obtained by killing Aridis, Chosen of Sobek

Armor Set[edit | edit source]

This piece of equipment is part of the following armor set:

of Sobek

T tooltip warmIcon.png 10 Heat resistance, T tooltip coldIcon.png 10 Cold resistance, +9 Vitality

Repair[edit | edit source]

This item can be repaired with a Icon repair kit armor legendary.png Legendary Armor Patch Kit.