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Fuel is a generic term to designate a reagent used in a crafting station to produce new products from ingredients.


Fuel can either be mined, harvested or found laying on the ground.


Burn Time[]

The following lists the base burn time for fuels. Most crafting stations have burn time modifiers that will affect the actual burn times.

Item Base Time
Icon plant fiber-1 Plant Fiber 2 seconds
Icon branch Branch 5 seconds
Icon wood-1 Wood 10 seconds
Icon bark-1 Bark 20 seconds
Icon charcoal Charcoal 25 seconds
Icon coal Coal 35 seconds
Icon drywood Dry Wood 48 seconds
Icon oil Oil 48 seconds
Icon molten heart Molten Heart 960 seconds

Smelter Thrall Benefits[]

Thrall (Smelter) tier example
Bonus T1 T2 T3 T4
T4 purge
Fuel Burn Time - - - - -
Crafting Speed +50% +100% +150% +200% +300%
Crafting Costs - - - - -