Flawless Yamatai Warlord Chestpiece
Icon yamatai heavy top.png
Flawless Yamatai Warlord Chestpiece
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A chestpiece worn by Yamatai lords to battle
Type Armor
Base Bonus Information.png +2 Vitality
Grade Mid
Armor Type Heavy
Base Armor Information.png 134
Base Heat Isolation Information.png 4
Base Cold Isolation Information.png 2
Base Durability Information.png 720
Base Weight Information.png 26.79
DLC Seekers of the Dawn Pack
ID 3151


With the new caste system and the new types of weapons an interesting divide has opened up among the types of warriors that live in Yamatai.

The noble caste wear heavy armor of lamellar and fight with the finest katanas - honor and swordsmanship are staples.


Repairing Flawless Yamatai Warlord Chestpiece requires up to:

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