Flawless Obsidian Shield

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Flawless Obsidian Shield
Flawless Obsidian Shield
A shield of black glass
Type Shield
Grade High
Weapon Type Shield
Base Damage Information.png 38
Base Armor Penetration Information.png 17.55%
Base Durability Information.png 7500
Base Weight Information.png 1.47
Effects Shieldsmash
ID 51490


The Stygians had discarded their bows; helmeted heads bent to the blast, dark eyes glaring over the rims of their shields, they came on in an inexorable surge, striding over their fallen comrades.
~ Black Colossus

Forged in the depths of the Volcano that looms over the Exiled Lands, this shield is made of obsidian. Nobody knows what the purpose of a glass shield is, but perhaps the black glass is strengthened when formed into such a lattice.

Most warriors prefer to carry a shield into battle if there is one available. The best blow is the one that misses, but the second-best blow is the one that you block.


Repairing Flawless Obsidian Shield requires up to: