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As ordered, we tracked the deserters into the southern desert. We found Old Colby here hidden in the shelter of a rocky outcrop, muttering to himself. Of the others, there was no sign. I asked Colby to tell me what happened, and I got this wild tale which I have written down in full.

"We weren't desertin', we was off huntin' for treasure! Jacoby had it in 'is mind that them broodin' ruins, the ones that the bracelet calls The Observatory was full of treasures. Jacoby got me and the boys to follow along, an' he took us to the cliff with a length o' stout rope an' a plan to go climbin'. Well, the ascent was steep an' dangerous, on account of us doin' it during the nighttime to avoid them cannibals as haunts the area, but we picked a nice clear night with a full moon and got ourselves to the very top. I gotta say, I didna like them ruins from the moment we got there. Just a pile o black brooding stone in the moonlight and no treasure in sight. Jacoby starts poking around, lookin for the treasure an all and he uncovers one of them glowing tablets. That voice - you know the one - starts talkin' about constellations and star signs and the crew starts swearin' and cursin Jacoby for dragging us up for nothin and then it came... I ain't ever seen anything like it, mate. It had skin like a plague corpse and black bristlin' fur. It's red eyes were glowin' like the coals of hell and when it reared up, the wings blotted out the moonlight. It took Jacoby first, just snappin forward and tearing 'is head clean off. Me and the boys were screamin' and scramblin', trying to reach the rope and get down afore this beasty could take us. I got to the rope and started slidin' down, burnin' my hands as I went. Above, I could hear the screamin' and snapping and warm blood was a rainin' from the sky. The rope was swayin' and slappin' me into the cliffface and I was scramblin' and then... it let go. I fell and I fell, but I crashed into the top of a tree and I passed out. When I awoke, I was alone out here in the desert, with a sandstorm sweepin' in. I got meself to some shelter and then you found me here."

I'm bringing Colby back to the ship for judgement. Personally, I think we can hang him from the edge. He's obviously lying to protect the others.