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Fingerfang Rock
Fingerfang Rock 01.jpg
Map Exiled Lands
Biome Desert
Coordinates -154,56
Type Vista
Map Icon T Map Icon vista.png
Mini T Map Icon vista.png


Fingerfang Rock is a rock formation with two peaks facing each other. This peaks are one of the highest areas in these rock formation, if not the highest area.


  • On top of the higher peak of Fingerfang Rock, the player will find the NPC Mountaineer. He is a character in Conan Exiles and teaches the player the Feat Mountaineer.
  • Fingerfang Rock is a wordplay on "Fingerbang Rock", a reference established during the Dev stream of June 9, 2017.[1]
  • Referring to the name and the wordplay "Fingerbang Rock", the rock formation could also be the image of the so-called metal horns.🤘