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Feast of Ymir
Feast of Ymir
A ritualistic meal in honor of Ymir
Type Consumable
Grade High
Consumable Yes
Max Stack 50
Hunger sated 75
Thirst quenched 40
Health regen 17 HP/3s
Expiration 2:00:01
Base Weight Information.png 0.10
Effects Sated
Warming Up
ID 18260
Exalted Altar to Ymir
Exalted Altar to Ymir
ID 80978
Level 50 Cost 11
Icon t2 altar of ymir.png Icon Blank.png Icon Blank.png
Icon t3 altar of ymir.png Upgrade to Exalted Altar
A place of sacrifice to Ymir, the Frost Giant
Crafted at Blooded Altar of Ymir
Icon black ice 1h battleaxe.png Glacier-Crack
A great axe humming with frigid power
Crafted at Exalted Altar of Ymir
Icon black ice.png Black Ice
A cold shard from the Outer Dark
Crafted at Exalted Altar of Ymir
Icon cimmeria statue of ymir.png Statue of Ymir
A carved statue to Ymir
Crafted at Exalted Altar of Ymir
Icon offering to ymir.png Feast of Ymir
A ritualistic meal in honor of Ymir
Crafted at Stove


Tall and fair and blue-eyed. Their god is Ymir, the frost-giant, and each tribe has its own king. They are wayward and fierce. They fight all day and drink ale and roar their wild songs all night.
~ The Phoenix on the Sword

This feast is consumed in the name of Ymir. Ymir, the Frost Giant and father of all lesser giants! Ymir, Lord of Storm and War! May he grant the strength to fight all of the day and drink all of the night. May this meal grant a warrior the bravery to die in battle, earning a place in Ymir's hall in Valhalla to feast and revel until the end of days.


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Stove, Improved Stove
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon black ice.png Black Ice
1 Icon meat strips.png Meat Strips
1 Icon cooked mushroom.png Roasted Mushrooms
1 Icon offering to ymir.png Feast of Ymir 5 s 46