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I am not alone here. That was the first revelation that came to me as I crouched, shivering, on the banks of the river. There are others, ragged and broken men and women, who light bonfires and the shores of the river and huddle close together for warmth. Fools. The light draws unfriendly eyes and I would never put myself at such risk. My father taught me that the best way to survive was not to make the mistakes that other people make. Life is not always about choices we make, but about the foolish choices we avoid making.
~ Razma of Shem


Not really a faction per se, the Exiles are small, isolated groups of people who escaped from Crucifixion and have huddled together for survival. Starving, desperate, wielding improvised weapons and wearing little to no armor, Exiles are the weakest human threat in the Exiled Lands. Some of them pray to Mitra and chose to stay in a life of austerity and privations. They patch together plant fibers or rudimentary wraps around their limbs and torso, and use crude weaponry made from stone and sticks.


  • These NPCs are usually in very small groups of 2 to 3. Most crafters tend to have Rank I or II, but with very small odds there is a chance of rare crafters spawning, usually only available through The Purge otherwise or even rare beyond that. A typical example of this would be Grrr Legbiter spawning at Exiles Camp 24, which used to be the only NPC in the game to craft flawless Hyperborean Armor.
  • Exiles generally have 120 HP with the exception of named NPCs generally having 195 HP. This puts them far below any other faction and they can be dealt with very early on and easily.
  • Gas and Fire are even more effective than usual due to this, whereas Poison or Bleeding rarely pay off.
  • They are practically unarmored, which increases raw damage dealt.
  • Chosen of Asura are a sub-faction of Exile named NPCs, which are a special recognition for outstanding community remembers, awarded by Funcom. These can only be found on the Exiled Lands.
  • Another, much less important sub-faction would be the Worshippers of Mitra at Muriela's Hope, tier 1 only. They can also only be found on the Exiled Lands.
  • Most camps are very small and only contain two or three members, usually one Fighter, one Archer and 1 Worker Thrall


Exile thralls have very low training difficulty.

Tier Fighters Archers Performers Bearers
1 334 334 394 445
2 428 428 488 929
3 490 490 550 1392
4 1332 1332 1715 3391

Special case:

They specialize in Vitality. Their base stats are as follows:

Tier Strength Agility Vitality Grit
1 0 0 1 0
2 0 0 2 0
3 0 0 3 0
4 0 0 15 0

Exiles on the Exiled Lands[]




Various unnamed camps along the southern river like:

Wanderer Spawns[]

Various T4 Fighter spawns along the southern river like:

Wanderer NPCs:

Airk the Slayer Ana the Reaver Arnos of Cimmeria Ciria the Mad Enika of Cimmeria
Kruth One-Blow Noss the Murderer Nurus the Back-stabber Tessa the Blade Ulrik the Beast

Loot: Can drop items like

Exiles on the Isle of Siptah[]


Notable NPCs[]

Alchemist Gilum'tun, Asuras Chosen Mij of Asura
Archer Amurath the Swift Hagar Hawkeye
Armorer Chelkus the Smith Enis Ironwrought Grrr Legbiter Orqina Steeltongue
Oisun the Smith Ternis Burnbritches Zavek
Bearer Dono'Thelpup Eina the Light Fairin of the Wild Coast Hesth Plainswalker
Kathibria Featherstep Narr Goatfoot Rethrous the Burdened Ulrik the Mountaineer
Blacksmith Alumit Anvilbrow Conall the Hammer
Carpenter Hodur the Humble Keyim of Asura Ros-Crana o' the Dells
Cook Corms the Faithful Galacus the Gourmand
Performer Barnes of Asura Bohdan the Flexible Senk the Pillowdancer
Fighter Deirdre Deathbringer Frigga Falsehope
Priest - Mitra Lethdol Twox, Speaker of Asura Vattende, Confessor of Asura
Smelter Larathiel of Asura Melicoma the Watcher Noam of Akkharia
Tanner Ezee'Ap Skingrafter Zarono the Scented
Taskmaster Sir Bowen, Enforcer of Asura The Tyrant of Pelishti Yala the Scarred

The Purge only[]

The Purge only.

Alchemist Galana the Experimenter Marys Blackfingers
Archer Alitt Brokenbow Cinos Silverstring Grigg of the Desert Valares
Armorer Master Armorer Keel Master Armorer Tulos
Blacksmith Bassan Steeltoe Gircan Ironbender
Carpenter Cornahn Nimblefingers Keston the Tree-whisperer
Cook Head Chef Neavan Fer the Rotund
Fighter Faren Stone-fist Hanar the Bold Hena the Survivor Poscore the Lost
Priest - Derketo Begra the Blessed Shala the Lust-slaker
Priest - Mitra Barram the Faithful Mene Faithbringer
Priest - Set Setankmek the Bloody Volmaris the Righteous
Priest - Ymir Abama the Frostbitten Sikuh the Chosen
Priest - Yog Gezhe the Blasphemer Kursk the Flesheater
Smelter Noam of Akkharia Tiberius Burning-Britches
Tanner Kheral the Tanner Master Tanner Callele Samat The Skinner
Taskmaster Epos the Torturer Naek the Slaver

Common Loot[]

Signature Weapons[]

Signature Armor[]