Exceptional Relic Hunter Boots

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Exceptional Relic Hunter Boots
Exceptional Relic Hunter Boots
A set of boots design for exploring ruins
Type Armor
Base Bonus Information.png +1 Survival
Grade Mid
Armor Type Light
Base Armor Information.png 8
Base Heat Isolation Information.png 1
Base Cold Isolation Information.png 1
Base Durability Information.png 380
Base Weight Information.png 1.50
ID 52539

Description[edit | edit source]

He was a far traveler and had looted the treasures of many kingdoms. But now he hesitated and shuddered before the highest adventure and the mightiest treasure of all.
~ Black Colossus

When the Relic Hunters first arrived in the Exiled Lands, they were given sandals and flat-soled shoes. It is not known how many Relic Hunters died with their toes wedged into a gap between flagstones while an ancient horror bore down upon their prone body.

Since those early days, the Relic Hunters have moved to a style of boot favoured in Shem - curled toes to avoid catching on cracks when sprinting, supple leather to allow maximum freedom of movement and high cuffs to tuck into pants and prevent the accumulation of sand.

They aren't particularly good against sharp weapons, however.

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repairing Exceptional Relic Hunter Boots requires up to: