Exceptional Grief (Epic)

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Exceptional Grief
Exceptional GriefT DLC icon.png
An ancient weapon
Type Weapon
Weapon Type TwoHanded Axe
Base Damage Information.png 77
Base Durability Information.png 1766
Base Weight Information.png 5.96
Effects AOE Spin
DLC Isle of Siptah
ID 24593


The giants answered with roars like the grinding of icebergs on a frozen shore and heaved up their shining axes as the maddened Cimmerian hurled himself upon them.
~ The Frost Giant's Daughter

A weapon that combines the razor edge of the Great Sword with the momentum and weight of the Warhammer, the Great Axe is a vehicle of savagery and slaughter.

The brutish strength required to swing the weapon with any degree of accuracy means that the weapon is rarely wielded by commoners. More often it is reserved for the ceremonial guards of kings where it is used to convey power and presence.

In battle, a warrior who can control the weapon can create a whirlwind of steel around themselves, forcing their foes to stay at a distance or be torn to shreds.


Repairing Exceptional Grief (Epic) requires up to: