Exceptional Barbarian Boots
Epic icon BAS Barbarian Boots.png
Exceptional Barbarian Boots
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A heavy pair of boots in a barbarian style
Type Armor
Base Bonus Information.png +1 Grit
Grade High
Armor Type Heavy
Base Armor Information.png 88
Base Heat Isolation Information.png 3
Base Cold Isolation Information.png 3
Base Durability Information.png 1080
Base Weight Information.png 8.08
DLC Blood and Sand Pack
ID 5724


Barbarians can be found in all cultures, be it the gladiators of Aquilonia, the fearsome wild men of Cimmeria and Kush or the savage Kozaki. This armor is designed to allow for maximum movement and protection - a potent combination.


Repairing Exceptional Barbarian Boots (Epic) requires up to:

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