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See also: Server Configuration.

The Event Log shows what changes are made on the server by players (building / destroying structures, opening containers) and the stability / decay system (structure decayed, stability lost). It can be accessed through the Main Menu.

Using sliders, events can be displayed from

  • 10 - 10000 foundations around you (radius, circular area). Default: 1000 foundations.
  • 1 - 21 days ago (starting from the current local time). Default: 7 days.

Event IDs[]

Found researching the game_events table in the database.[1] Using a modding blueprint (or custom Rcon command), EGameEventType can also be datamined.[2]

ID Event Filter Notes
0 Server Started Server
1 Server Shutdown Server
85 CHARACTER BEGIN - Category marker. 85+ are in the "Characters" category.
86 Thrall Killed Thrall / Pet
87 Buildable Destroyed Damage Building System Buildable:
Building with an inventory (storage, crafting stations, trebuchets, etc.)
88 Building Component Destroyed Damage Building System Building Component:
Snappable building (foundation, wall, etc.)
89 Thrall Returned Home Thrall / Pet When a follower returns after exploring / combat when aggroed.

Follower (thralls, pets and mounts)

90 Thrall Hunger State Change DEPRECATED Deprecated, since they removed the need for thralls to eat to stay alive.
This event ID should only appear in saves which predate this change.
91 Unauthorized Placeable Inventory Access Placeable:
Building which does not snap.
92 Friendly Placeable Inventory Access Friendly Inventory Access
93 Unauthorized Actor Inventory Access Unauthorized Inventory Access
94 Friendly Actor Inventory Access Religious Warfare
95 Avatar Summoned Religious Warfare
96 Dome Summoned Religious Warfare
97 Altar Tier Three Crafting Started Religious Warfare Unused.
98 Altar Tier Three Crafting Ended Religious Warfare Unused.
99 Building Component Dismantled Building System
100 Buildable Dismantled Building System
101 Buildable Demolished Building System
102 Thrall Stolen Thrall / Pet
103 Character Death Damage Player
104 Character Death Hunger Player
105 Character Death Temperature Player
106 Thrall Deleted Thrall / Pet
107 Character Death Undermesh Player
170 SYSTEMS BEGIN - Category marker. 85+ are in the "Systems" category.
171 Buildable Decay State Change Building System
172 Buildable Destroyed Stability Lost Building System Stability is checked on server boot and when a building is removed or destroyed.
If any piece is at 0% stability during the check, it will be removed.
173 Buildable Destroyed Decay Building System
174 Building Component Destroyed Stability Lost See 172 above.
175 Purge Started Purge
176 Purge Ended Purge
177 Lootbag Decayed Lootbag Item Lost to decay Message.
178 Lootbag Destroyed Lootbag Copy of Decayed Message.[citation needed]
179 Thrall Decayed Thrall / Pet

Improved logging commands[]

Using the below commands, the server logs catch everything that is going on.

Note: use with caution - the size of the log files can nearly triple, which may cause severe stress on the server.

Server load processes, especially recreating buildings and placeables can be logged.
To do this, edit the Engine.ini under the [/Script/ConanSandbox.SystemSettings] section.

Events logged Command Notes
Buildable Collision Detection dw.LogBuildableCollisionDetection Overlap with other assets. Usually not needed.
Buildable Decay dw.LogBuildableDecay = 1 Decay events for buildings and placeables.
Buildable Destroy dw.LogBuildableDestroy = 1 Sources of building destruction.
Buildable LOD dw.LogBuildableLOD = 1 Global LOD changes for buildings and placeables.
Placeable Attachment dw.LogPlaceableAttachment = 1 How placeables attach to buildings.
Placeable Stability Lost dw.LogPlaceableStabilityLost = 1 When placeables lost their stability during attachment to buildings.



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