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Encounters are random events that the players can meet during their adventures

Encounters were originally introduced with the Grave Matters event as a limited-time event (scheduled to run from December 8, 2021 until January 10, 2022, but it was later extended until January 17, 2022). While it was not planned for the event to make any future returns, lead designer Den later said that it would return in 3.0.

With the release of the Age of Sorcery, the encounters became a feature of the normal game. All encounters can be enabled and disabled at any time by Funcom and have frequently been disabled due to various bugs and issues with them.

List of Encounters[]

Exiled Lands Isle of Siptah Disabled
Blowback Yes - -
Grave Matter Yes Yes -
Portal to Yuggoth - - Yes
Sacrifice Interrupted Yes Yes -
Snake Cult Caravan Yes Yes
Witch Hunt - - Yes