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Conan Exiles has over 50 emotes that players can learn by interacting with objects and characters throughout the Exiled Lands. Below is a list of all emotes in game as of 15-Sep-22.
Type "/emote [EmoteName]" in chat to use a learned emote, or hold R to bring up the emote menu and select an emote from there.
As an admin, use "LearnEmote [EmoteName]" to learn emotes.


The emotes should appear clockwise from "cancel" on the wheel. Note that if you only have one emote in a category, it will appear in place of category at the first level of the wheel. For example, characters start with one taunt (Shake Fist). It will appear in the third spot until a second taunt is learned. At that point, taunt will replace it at first level and the new taunt will be on sub-wheel under taunt. Most of the emotes listed below can be used by the character, except the pet ones. Most are assignable to thralls as well. Many are also appliable to humanoid pets (i.e. skeletons, Tcho-Tcho, etc.). Some pets can not emote, some can use any emote.

Icon emote category greet Greet[]

Icon emote category celebrate Celebrate[]

Icon emote category taunt Taunt[]

Icon emote category sit Sit[]

Icon emote category dance Dance[]

Icon emote category misc Misc[]

Icon emote category conversation Conversation[]

Icon emote category flirt Flirt[]

Icon emote category worship Worship[]

Icon emote category relax Relax[]

Icon emote category expression Expression[]

Icon emote category Choose Emote (Pet) Choose Emote (Pet)[]


Bugged, not implemented or outdated[]



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