Emissary of Atlach-Nacha

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Emissary of Atlach-Nacha
Emissary of Atlach-Nacha
Map Exiled Lands
HP 5589
Armor 65
KB Defense 0
Base XP 64800
Group Boss
Temperament Aggressive
Biomes Volcano
Location The Pens
Drops Mandibles of Atlach-Nacha
Patch added 1.40

The Emissary of Atlach-Nacha is a creature in Conan Exiles.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Emissary Atlach-Nacha is a boss spider with a 25% chance to spawn in the volcano. It shares spawn points with NPC Fighters of the Votaries of Skelos faction, among others Erii the Ravager. Its attack moves are identical to Giant Spider.

Harvesting it yields:

Location[edit | edit source]

TeleportPlayer -25978 -196215 42181 south of The Pens.

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