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Economics of Rocknoses
Economics of Rocknoses
Levels: 1-60
Author: Joschilein8343389


Pets can be used for two different things:

  1. Improving your combat skills by taking them with you or to let them protect your home
  2. To get resources from them. This guide focuses on the pets that get you resources.

The majority of pets produce Icon dung.png Dung, while some produce Icon ingredient ichor.png Ichor (Sand Reaper and Spider) or Icon ostrich feather.png Feathers (Shoebills and Ostriches), but these products can be replaced or produced in easier ways.

The only pet that gives you another useful resource are:

Basic requirements[]

  • Build an Icon pet pen tier1.png Animal Pen. The basic version of it is good enough. It is prefered that you use other Animal Pens if you want to raise other pets than rocknoses to not mess up the process down below.
  • Collect Gold. You should have around 250 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coins and around 20 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust.
  • To minimize problems it is advised to invest in one or more Icon ice box.png Preservation Boxes
  • You don't want to use the recipes with Icon white flower.png Shadeblooms, so there is no need for them.

Getting a Pet[]

Rocknoses exist only in their bigger forms throughout the world and can not just be collected like other baby animals. The only way to get a pet is to purchase a Icon baby rocknose egg.png Rocknose Egg. Currently there is only one merchant who sells those eggs, namely Shawna the Strange. Take your Gold Coins and go to The Den. The other NPCs there are hostile and you might have to fight your way in. You can purchase multiple eggs from her, each egg costs 10 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coins.

The eggs have a timer after which the egg transforms into a Icon baby rocknose.png Pebblenose. You can wait a long time to let it hatch in your inventory or a chest or you use a Icon compost box.png Compost Heap to reduce the timer to a little over an hour (precisely 1:11:00). But pay attention: If the timer has ticked down and your Pebblenoses are still in the compost heap, then it is very easy to lose them. The timer of the Pebblenose might also be bugged. So set your clock, make stuff around your base and when the time is up take the Pebblenoses out of the compost heap. Otherwise all your invested Gold Coins will be wasted.

You can also place the eggs and/or the Pebblenoses into a Icon ice box.png Preservation Box to stop the timer. Make sure that it also contains Icon ice.png Ice.

Getting a gold-vein Rocknose[]

Now you have an empty Animal Pen, up to five Pebblenoses at a time and the same number of Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust. Make sure no resources are in the Animal Pen, put the Gold Dust into it and then the Pebblenoses. The Gold Dust disappears and in the bottom right corner icons should be visible with a very slow growing bar. It takes 6 hours to let the Pebblenoses grow into Rocknoses. This timer is not critical. Right after you placed everything, you can add a stack of stone, which is the resource the Rocknoses will use to produce what ever they will produce. Do something different and come back later.

After they grew up you now have some Icon pet Rocknose.png Rocknose (Variant A) and one or none Icon pet Rocknose Gold.png Gold-vein Rocknose (Variant A). With a 20% chance you should get 1 Gold-vein Rocknose out of 5 Pebblenoses.

After this you can repeat the process. Take out all "bad" Rocknoses, put in the missing number of Pebblenoses, add the same amount of Gold Dust and add a stack of stone. This way your existing Gold-vein Rocknoses stay on their production timer while new Rocknoses can grow up.

After some of these cycles you will eventually get an Animal Pen with 5 Gold-vein Rocknoses.



There are some big questions:

  • Which feed is the best and how much does it cost to get those 5 Rocknoses?
  • How many eggs have to be purchased to get five Gold-vein Rocknoses (a full Animal Pen)?
  • How long does it take to get the invested gold back?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Are there better ways to get gold and silver?


  • To minimize rounding errors the goal is to get one Animal Pen full of Gold-vein Rocknoses.
  • Gold-vein Rocknoses use up Icon stone-1.png Stone as feed to produce Icon stone-1.png Stone (80%), Icon iron ore-1.png Ironstone (15%) and Icon gold.png Goldstone (5%)
  • Each cycle they turn 1 Icon stone-1.png Stone into 1 Icon stone-1.png Stone or 1 Icon iron ore-1.png Ironstone or 1 Icon gold.png Goldstone. 5 Rocknoses use and produce 5 times that amount.
  • Each cycle takes 20 minutes.

Numbers / Mathematics[]

Used Receipt Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust Icon gold.png Goldstone Icon pet food.png Shadespiced Gold Dust Icon pet food.png Shadespiced Gold
(per try)
1 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust 1 Icon gold.png Goldstone 1 Icon pet food.png Shadespiced Gold Dust
(40 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust)
1 Icon pet food.png Shadespiced Gold
(20 Icon gold.png Goldstone)
of feed
(per try)
  1.00 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust
or 0.50 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coin
or 0.10 Icon gold bar.png Gold Bar
or 0.30 Icon gold.png Goldstone
  3.33 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust
or 1.67 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coin
or 0.33 Icon gold bar.png Gold Bar
or 1.00 Icon gold.png Goldstone
  40.00 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust
or 20.00 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coin
or 4.00 Icon gold bar.png Gold Bar
or 12.00 Icon gold.png Goldstone
  66.60 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust
or 33.30 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coin
or 6.66 Icon gold bar.png Gold Bar
or 20.00 Icon gold.png Goldstone
of success
20% 10% 26% 16%
Size of
Animal Pen
5 Icon pet Rocknose Gold.png Gold-vein Rocknose (Variant A)
Icon baby rocknose egg.png Eggs needed
(on average)
25 50 19.23 -> 20 31.25 -> 32
(on average)
20 Icon pet Rocknose.png Rocknose (Variant A) 45 Icon pet Rocknose.png Rocknose (Variant A) 15 Icon pet Rocknose.png Rocknose (Variant A) 27 Icon pet Rocknose.png Rocknose (Variant A)
  525.00 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust
or 262.50 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coin
or 52.50 Icon gold bar.png Gold Bar
or 157.66 Icon gold.png Goldstone
  1,167.00 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust
or 583.50 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coin
or 116.70 Icon gold bar.png Gold Bar
or 350.45 Icon gold.png Goldstone
  1,200.00 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust
or 600.00 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coin
or 120.00 Icon gold bar.png Gold Bar
or 360.36 Icon gold.png Goldstone
  2,771.20 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust
or 1,385.60 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coin
or 277.12 Icon gold bar.png Gold Bar
or 832.19 Icon gold.png Goldstone
production cycles
632 1,404 1,444 3,332
"Scrap" 472.98 Icon iron ore-1.png Ironstone 1,051.35 Icon iron ore-1.png Ironstone 1,081.08 Icon iron ore-1.png Ironstone 2,496.57 Icon iron ore-1.png Ironstone
production time
(in hours)
210.67 468.00 481.33 1,110.67
profit for each
100 additional
75 Icon gold.png Goldstone


  • Eggs needed = 5 successes / Chance of success
  • Costs = Eggs needed * (10 Gold Coins per Egg + Costs of feed per try)
  • Production cycles needed = ceil(Costs [in Goldstone]) / 5% chance for 1 Goldstone / 5 Rocknoses
  • Production time needed [in hours] = Production cycles needed * 20 min per cycle / 60 min


  • Only the receipt with Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust has a relative low price. The other three are a waste of resources.
  • But even this way it takes at least 300 hours on the game/map to start, build up the fully running Animal Pen and to get the investment back. That's way too long.
  • Even after this you get only 75 Icon gold.png Goldstone (or ~250 Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust or ~250 Icon alchemical base.png Alchemical Base) per 100 additional hours. Yes, it is passive income, but that is still way too long.
  • That amount is collected with 1-2 runs for Icon obsidian.png Obsidian (Icon gold.png Goldstone as byproduct) through the volcano with a good tool and heat protective armor or with 2-3 runs through the underwater-chests in the eastern waters (area at Buccaneer Bay and Forgotten City of Xel-ha). Both ways take about 1 hour of active playtime. That is way faster.
  • For Icon silver.png Silverstone the calculation is even worse. You have to put in almost the same amount of gold but get back the same bad passive income, this time in silver. But silver also collects from the chests in the eastern waters (as a "byproduct" to gold) and can easily be harvested near Sepermeru (Grid B6-C6)
  • The main factor of the calculations is the time for one cycle. At 20 min it is very bad, at 2 min it could be profitable and at 2 sec it would be indeed "op"[1]
    • Additional aspect, not taken into account for the considerations above: A Lvl 4 Blacksmith reduces resources necessary to craft coins by 50%. Combining the farm using a Lvl 4 thrall reduces the R.O.I. by 50%. The R.O.I. may become interesting, especially for players that are absent over working days.


  1. "A Guide To Resource Pets Conan Exiles 2018 | Pet Taming Tips" from Firespark81. He came to a vastly wrong conclusion because of his admin commands.