Du'neman the Dragoon
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Du'neman the Dragoon
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Du'neman the Dragoon converted
ID: Dogs_Beastlord
Type Archer
Initial Stats
Health 1,680
Agility 15
Accuracy 30
Melee Multiplier 1.2
Accuracy Multiplier 1.89
Race Shemite
Factions Dogs of the Desert


Du'neman The Dragoon is a named, Tier 4 Archer NPC of the Dogs of the Desert faction.


Du'neman the Dragoon can be found at the following locations:

  • The Den - far southwest corner. TeleportPlayer -116553 29208


Du'neman has a 100% spawn rate, so he should always be there.

He also can spawn during the Purge at the Desert with a Pack Hyenas.


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