Dragon Hatchling

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Dragon Hatchling
Dragon Hatchling
ID: Wildlife_DragonGreenHatchling
Map Exiled Lands
HP 5565
Armor 59
KB Defense 1000
Base XP 14400
Group Demon
Temperament Aggressive
Biomes The Unnamed City (biome), The Sinkhole, The Temple of Frost
Location The Spawning Pools
Drops Brimstone, Demon Blood, Dragonbone, Dragonhorn, Exotic Flesh
Patch added 1.0

A Dragon Hatchling is a creature in Conan Exiles.

Description[edit | edit source]

They are juvenile dragons. They are not as powerful as regular dragons, but still can be quite formidable to the unprepared. They are the best way to farm Dragonbone and other Dragon drops, due to the much easier task of killing them. They cannot be picked up and tamed like regular animal babies.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Use the same methods you would for a full size Dragon, just on a smaller scale.

Media[edit | edit source]