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The dragons of the Exiled Lands, a land where the past refuses to die, are a remnant of a time long past. The Conan equivalent of dinosaurs, these ancient predators were not the vastly intelligent and winged wyrms spoken of in mythology so often, They are simply large, predatory beasts that died out naturally in the distant past. Their bones, however, pop up every now and then. The Giant-kings found some of these bones high in the hills of their kingdom and used dark magic to once again clothe their bones in flesh and scales. Used as pets, mounts, and guards, Dragons found a new existence as beasts of burden. One particularly angry specimen caught the eye of Warmaker Klael, and became his personal pet. When a bet was made between him and the Priestking, the dragon and the Arena’s current champion were sent against each other in blood combat for the entertainment of all. The champion, amazingly, managed to kill the monster and wept for slaying such a noble foe. He pinned his prize for the fight upon the head of the beast and it was then buried in the sands. In time, this dragon would walk again, albeit thoroughly decomposed. The dragons as a species survived the ancient war of the Giant-kings and men, and even now still stalk the ruined columns and sand-filled corridors of The Unnamed City. Beware fighting with one of these monsters.