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Diadem of the Giant-kings
Diadem of the Giant-kings
An ornate diadem worn by the Giant-kings
Type Ingredient
Ingredient Yes
Max Stack 100
Base Weight Information.png 0.50
ID 15507


Kallian Publico believed that it contained the diadem of the giant-kings, of the people who dwelt in that dark land before the ancestors of the Stygians came there. He showed me a design carved on the lid, which he swore was the shape of the diadem which legend tells us the monster-kings wore.
~ Rogues in the House

Too large to be worn by a human, this diadem hums with contained power. Taken from the Priestking of the Giant-kings - known today as the Barrow King - the story of the diadem is one of betrayal and hatred.

It seems that the Priestking was the father of Tyros the Deathbringer. Tyros turned against his father at some point during the war between the Lemurians and the Giant-kings and his father cursed him, and all of his loyal warriors.

Such is the strength of the diadem, that Tyros and his men were cursed to live forever, a Silent Legion brooding in the ruins of the north. This is one of the artefacts required to create the keystone that can be used to remove the slave bracelet.