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Biomes Desert Scene
Suggested Levels 10-30
Biomes Desert Map

The Desert is one of the biomes in Conan Exiles, primarily occupying the lower-middle of the map area. Sandstorms are prevalent in this area.


The following locations can be found within the Desert biome:

Camps Caves & Dungeons Ruins & Vistas
Camp Al-Merayah
Camp Anchor Point
Camp Bilgewater Break
Camp Black Hand Camp 01
Camp Black Hand Camp 02
Camp Bonebreaker's Bend
Camp Bonepicker Camp
Camp Cannibal's Rest
Camp Carver's Crest
Camp Claw Outcrop
Camp Darfari Skeleton Camp
Camp Death's Shadow Camp
Camp Deathwhisper Camp
Camp Dustdevil Ridge
Camp Fleshtearer Falls
Camp Gallaman's Overlook
Camp Heartsblood Rise
Camp Howler's Lode
Camp Howling Plateau
Camp Hunter's View
Camp Marauder's Muster
Camp Mitra's Serenity
Camp Murderbunnies
Camp Muriela's Hope
Camp N'batu's Pack
Camp Raider's Ridge
Camp Ravager's Cleft
Camp Sailstitch Camp
Camp Scoundrel's Gateway
Camp Scouting Camp
Camp Shaman's Rise
Camp Sharptooth Passage
Camp Spinebreaker's Flank
Camp Spotter's Squat
Camp Sullys's Ambush
Camp Tarman's Berth
Capital The Black Galleon
Camp The Corner of Bones
Camp The Cursed Way
Capital The Den
Camp The Dryfalls
Camp The Sandspit
Capital The Summoning Place
Camp Thugra's Stand
Camp Voyager's Vigil
Camp Watchers Waystation
Camp Waterhole Outlook
Camp Witness Camp
Cave Cavern of Fiends
Cave Executioners Entrance
Cave Gallaman's Tomb
Dungeon Kurak's Lair
Cave Scuttler's Shortcut
Cave Shaleback Hollow
Cave Sinner's Refuge
Cave Skittering Cavern
Dungeon The Scorpion Den
Cave Warren of Degenerates
Cave Weaver's Hollow
Cave Xalthar's Refuge
Ruins Chaosmouth
Ruins Deathwhisper Ruins
Ruins Deserter's Gutter
Vista Fingerfang Rock
Vista Godsight Spire
Ruins Hand of the Maker
Vista Ironbreaker Ridge
Ruins Lakewatch
Ruins Mek-kamoses's Spire
Vista Pariah's Overwatch
Vista Priestking's Retreat
Vista Rhinohorn Ridge
Ruins Ruins of Old Nebthu
Vista Sand Reaper Hive (Desert)
Vista Sandscour Pass
Vista Shattered Springs
Ruins The Arena
Ruins The Imperial Highway
Vista The Jawbone
Ruins The Shattered Basin
Ruins The Sinkhole
Ruins The Slave Road
Ruins The Slaveway
Ruins The Southern Aqueduct
Ruins The Tower of Bats
Ruins The Tradeway
Ruins Trailer scene
Ruins Tyros's Passage
Ruins Weeping Ruin
Ruins Westwatch Keep


The following creatures can be found in the Desert Biome: