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Derketo Dancer Blouse
Derketo Dancer Blouse
A blouse worn by the pleasure-dancers of Derketo
Type Armor
Grade Mid
Armor Type Light
Base Armor Information.png 12
Base Heat Isolation Information.png 1
Base Cold Isolation Information.png 1
Base Durability Information.png 245
Base Weight Information.png 0.06
ID 52112


I am a daughter of Luxur, and before I had known fifteen summers I had been led through the temples of Derketo, the dusky goddess, and had been initiated into the mysteries.
~ Xuthal of the Dusk

Trained in the temples of Luxur, the dancers of Derketo are renowned for their skill in the arts of pleasure. Thought the more stringent of the Setite priests frown upon the religion of the goddess, the wisest among them know that the deity represents the dual aspects of fertility and death.

In Stygia this manifests in the bizarre pairing of the dancers and the ritualistic killings of the cult of Set.

This loose-fitting blouse is designed to accentuate rather than conceal, to titillate rather than reveal. Dancers of Derketo are aware that lust, like fear, is one of the most powerful motivators of human kind.


There must be a tier 3 or higher Armorer thrall equipped in your Armorer's Bench in order to craft this armor.


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Armorer's Bench, Improved Armorer's Bench,
Campaign Armorer's Bench, Garrison Armorer's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon armorpadding light.png Light Padding
30 Icon silk.png Silk
1 Icon stygian vest.png Derketo Dancer Blouse 20 s 616

Armor Set[]

This piece of equipment is part of the following armor set:

Derketo Dancer

T tooltip warmIcon.png 5 Heat resistance, T tooltip coldIcon.png 5 Cold resistance


Repairing Derketo Dancer Blouse requires up to: