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See also: Server Configuration.
Setting up your own server isn’t necessarily the easiest thing in the world and so one of our Tools Programmers whipped up a launcher in order to improve the process.
~ Patches and Things, Funcom Forums

The Dedicated Server Launcher lets you easily get over some common hurdles you might run into when trying to set up your own server, and you’ll easily be able to set your admin password, change ports, change server region, change the max player count, test port availability on your router, and even switch between Default and Testlive. You don’t need to deal with command lines and everything is presented in a clean and visually simplified user interface.


Once it has been downloaded all you have to do is run the program, edit the parameters you want, and simply hit a button to start your server. It is available on the Funcom Forums (for free) along with more information, and will at some point become available as part of the game client.

Supported on Windows and Linux (Steam Play).